New Hire

You will be notified by Human Resources a few weeks prior to your benefits effective date, which will be the 1st of the month following 60 days of full time employment. To enroll log in to Kronos Workforce Ready , please refer to the Benefit Enrollment Guide (New Hire & Life Event) instruction provided below.

Qualifying Life Event

Changes to employee benefits elections are allowed ONLY at open enrollment each year. Per IRS rules, employees cannot drop or add coverage for themselves or their dependents during the plan year unless they have a qualifying life event change such as:

  1. Change in family status such as gain or loss of benefits under another plan,
  2. Marriage,
  3. Divorce or legal separation,
  4. Death of a dependent,
  5. Birth, adoption or placement for adoption, or
  6. Change in spouse’s eligibility or coverage.

If you experience a qualifying life event and want to drop, add, or make any changes to your coverage, you must submit your request through Kronos Workforce Ready within 31 days of the event and provide proof of event to your Human Resources representative. It is your responsibility to notify Human Resources of a qualifying life event.

Per regulations, team members who waive or terminate coverage during open enrollment will not be able to enroll in Sun Health plans until the following open enrollment unless they experience a qualifying life event.

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