Sun Health is committed to the ethical behavior as an organization, as well as ethical behavior by our employees.  We have developed our Sun Health Code of Conduct and Corporate Compliance program in accordance with guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

The goals of our Compliance Program are to:

1)      Prevent fraud, abuse and other improper activity by creating a culture of compliance;

2)      Detecting any misconduct that may occur at an early stage before it creates a substantial risk of civil or criminal liability for Sun Health and our employees; and

3)      Responding swiftly to compliance problems through appropriate disciplinary and corrective action.


Employees and vendors are expected to assist in making Sun Health’s Compliance Program successful by:

1)      Familiarize themselves with the Sun Health’s Code of Conduct and compliance procedures;

2)      Review and understand the key policies governing their particular job functions:

3)      Report any fraud, abuse or other improper activity through the mechanisms established in Sun Health’s Compliance Plan;

4)      Cooperate with any audits or investigations; and

5)      Carry out their jobs and responsibilities in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to honesty, integrity and compliance with the law.

Click this link to review Sun Health’s Code of Conduct and Compliance Plan (revised January 2020).

Any employees wishing to report any ethical breaches anonymously may do so by calling the Compliance Hotline at 1-855-OUR-SUN-H (1-855-687-7864) or filing a report at