“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” – George Eliot

The Employee Association was originally formed in 2008 to aid Sun Health Communities’ team members in times of need. In 2020, Sun Health Foundation began the administration of the Employee Association to help build awareness and streamline employee giving through the Better Together campaign. Sun Health’s Employee Association began when a team member approached management with a request to hold a bake sale to assist with a coworker’s medical bills. With more than 400 team members on staff at that time, Sun Health leaders saw a tremendous opportunity to create a formal plan to support team members in need. As a result, the Employee Association was formed. It has brought much needed support to many team members in need and is sure to positively impact the lives of many more to come.


Funds for the Employee Association are made possible by:

  • Employee and resident donations
  • Community member and provider donations
  • Fundraisers, like Better Together

We hope to raise $12,000 this year!

Funds Raised 23%


Team members of Sun Health are eligible if they:

  • are one of the following:
    • full-time employees
    • part-time employees
  • have a minimum of 6 months of continuous employment with Sun Health

In the event of the death of an eligible team member or retiree, the deceased’s spouse or children may be eligible to receive a grant for up to one year from the date of death.

Support Requests

This association was created to provide monetary assistance to team members in need for reasons such as, but not limited to:

  • Funeral expenses for immediate family members
  • Living expenses due to damage caused to an employee’s dwelling (fire or storm)
  • Excess medical costs

Requests that will NOT be considered include:

  • Overdue utility bills
  • Mortgage payments
  • Car payments
  • Day care payments


Requests for grants are confidential and can be made on behalf of one’s self or for a fellow team member. Team members are limited to one-granted request every six months. These limits are designed to maximize the funds available to provide assistance to the requests and ALL of the organization’s team members. Click the button below to obtain a Grant request form. Completed applications can be submitted to your campus Human Resources representative or anonymously to Joy Brantley, Executive Assistant II,  at joy.brantley@sunhealth.org


Notification to the requesting party will be made by an Association representative. The maximum grant award per team member is $600 per year.

Selection Committee

Awards are granted through the selection committee. The committee consists of seven team members, representing each of the business centers, who have a minimum of six months with the organization. The selection committee evaluates the grants based on the needs outlined by the team member.

Oversight Committee

The Employee Association is managed by the Sun Health Foundation and is governed by the Employee Association Oversight Committee. They oversee the administration of the Employee Association grants and implement ideas to raise funds to support the program


If you have more questions about the Employee Association, please click the button below for more information.

To Give

If you would like donate, please click the button below and fill out a Better Together Donation form.