Sun Health Foundation

Sun Health Foundation  is the fundraising arm of our organization. As a team, the Foundation staff works with community members to match their interests with our mission of helping people live healthier, longer lives.  They encourage the philanthropic support that provides Sun Health with the resources to innovate and expand its programs and facilities. The Foundation was originally created in the 1960s to provide fundraising support for the two Sun City community hospitals, Boswell and Del E. Webb.  In 2008, the hospitals were purchased by Banner Health, but the Foundation continues to raise funds for projects and services offered through those facilities.  Because it is an independent entity, the Foundation has its own board of directors. The Foundation team frequently engages with the residents, patients, and clients that you work with each day. They love being able to showcase the programs and services that you offer.  In turn, they appreciate your assistance in identifying individuals who may have interest in supporting Sun Health—both financially and through the sharing of their stories. The Foundation team is eager to work with each of you to create a unified face within our community and invite you to stop by, and visit them in the Sun Health Administrative Office – Building A.   Having the right people makes all the difference when supporting and sustaining award-winning health care facilities and programs at a charitable foundation.