Culture of Philanthropy

Everyone has a part in Philanthropy

A culture of philanthropy is one in which EVERYONE–board, staff, volunteers–has a part to play in raising resources for the organizations.  It is about relationships, not just money.

Why is it important to create a culture of philanthropy?

  • Aligns the mission and program goals more seamlessly
  • Strengthens trust, cooperation and engagement between staff and board
  • Grows donor retention
  • Increases support

What steps can we take to build a culture of philanthropy?

  • Integrate fundraising discussions into every staff and board meeting
  • Ask program staff members for advice on development materials
  • Spend one-on-one time with board members, donors and others involved in the organization’s work
  • Share “mission moments” at meetings
  • Involve program staff with donor visits
  • Celebrate success
  • Recruit donors to the board to get their perspective and increased involvement
  • Create regular opportunities for program staff to share their experiences with development staff
  • Share stories of donors whose lives have been changed by their gifts
  • Keep donors, staff members, trustees and other supporters updated on our work, progress, challenges and accomplishments