This packet is intended to guide you through the leave of absence and/or FMLA process and answer any questions you might have. We understand taking a leave of absence can be stressful. Sun Health’s intention is to help guide you and make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.

To request a leave of absence you must read and complete the applicable forms in this packet and submit to the Human Resources department. Please reach out to your designated Human Resources representative if you have any questions regarding this process. It is important to establish communication with your Human Resources representative to ensure proper compliance with company policies and applicable laws.

Below you will find the contact information to your Human Resources representative based on your location:

The Colonnade                                La Loma Village                    
(623) 236-3751                                (623) 537-7448

Administration                                Grandview Terrace                                                      
(623) 777-2655                                (623) 455-7653 or (623) 975-8059


Leave of Absence Guide-Leave of Absence Request, Authorization to Release Medical Information & Return to Work/Accommodations Release forms included.
*Please note that some policies are currently being revised and the links within the guide will report an error. Please contact your HR representative for more information.