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Barbara Mason
Vice President of Home and Community Based Services

Aging in Place with Sun Health at Home


What is Sun Health at Home?

Sun Health at Home is a continuing care at home program that offers highly personalized services and programs designed to allow seniors to remain in their homes, safely and confidently, as they get older. It combines the assurance of needed support, personalized coordination of services and a cost-effective alternative or complement to long-term care insurance, all leading to the highest possible level of independence, their services will go with them anywhere in the continental United States. Sun Health at Home, a nonprofit community-based organization, offers its members autonomy and dignity in their future care while providing immediate flexibility, choices, and financial protection.

Why Aging in Place with Sun Health at Home?

Sun Health at Home is an innovative program focused on health, wellness, and sustaining a member’s lifestyle. This independence allows members the opportunity to put a personalized plan in place to help them remain at home. It is an alternative to independent living. Members have many of the benefits that a brick-and-mortar retirement community can offer without ever having to move out of their own home. However, if they should decide to move, their services will go with them anywhere in the continental United States.

How does Sun Health at Home work?

Interested persons age 55 and older who are reasonably healthy and living independently may apply for membership. There is a one-time membership investment and a monthly fee based on age and the membership option chosen. Fees are discounted for two people of the same household. There are also membership options that take into consideration when an individual has an existing long term care insurance policy.

 What are the benefits of Sun Health at Home?

  • Lifetime guarantee of care
  • Fraction of the cost of “pay-as-you-go”
  • Enables you to protect your hard earned assets
  • Coordination of care that takes the burden off of your spouse or family
  • Fees are tax-deductible as a prepaid medical expense
  • Sun Health is an organization with five decades of experience in providing high quality care